Supply List for 1-3

Posted on 08/15/2022


The following list of suggested supplies has been compiled by classroom teachers.  We cannot require anyone to purchase these supplies, but ask that they be provided to your child as a donation.  Thank you for your support.


1st Grade

2nd Grade

3rd Grade


Mrs. Garrett/ Mrs. McCalliog


4Elmer’s glue sticks (small)

2 Crayola crayon boxes (24 count)

4 Expo dry erase markers (large, black)

1 box of markers (10 - 12 count,

large, primary colors)

#2 Pencils

3 primary composition books



Classroom Supplies:


Hand Sanitizer



Mrs. Spoelstra

*1 set of Crayola washable markers

*1 boxes of 24 crayons

*4 large Expo dry erase markers (Black only)

*Glue sticks-large size

*1 basic folder any style with pockets but no brads or prongs

*1 box of tissue- no hand sanitizer please

*Earbuds for Chromebooks


Mrs. Robertson

*1 box of 24 crayons

*4 Expo dry erase markers (Blue/Black only)

*Glue Sticks-large size

*1 box of tissues

*1 set of Crayola washable markers

*2 basic folder any style with pockets buy no brads or prongs

*#2 pencils

*Earbuds for chromebooks



Mrs. Capps/Mrs.Cromwell


*1 package dry erase markers; dark colors only

*1 (only 1) SMALL pencil box or zipper bag to hold personal supplies


*1 pair of clean old socks to hold erase dry erase markers or a mini dry eraser

*5 extra pencils-sharpened

*Earbuds for Chromebooks if your child prefers their own

* Fine-tip Colored Markers

* Wide-tip Colored Markers


Mrs. Kraft/Soest



*1 Small pencil box or pouch

*1 Wallet or pouch to hold classroom money

*Dry Erase Markers (dark colors)

*Earbuds or headset for chromebooks if your child prefers their own.

*1 set colored markers (fine tip)





Wish list for all classrooms:   Kleenex and Hand Sanitizer

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