Behavior Policies

Orchard School Behavior Expectations


Be Safe

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

All Common Areas

  • Keep hands, feet and objects to self

  • Get adult help when necessary

  • Use all equipment and materials appropriately

  • Use kind and appropriate words, no put downs

  • Wait for your turn

  • Clean up after self

  • Follow adult directions

  • Follow "Ways to Solve a Problem"

  • Follow school rules

  • Be honest


  • Always walk in the cafeteria

  • Sit properly at the table

  • Keep hands to self

  • Allow anyone to sit next to you

  • Use quiet voices

  • Use good table manners

  • Clean up your area

  • Wait to be excused

  • Exit through the playground door

Playground/ Recess

  • Walk to and from the playground

  • Stay within the boundaries

  • No play fighting

  • Do not throw anything except balls

  • Use all playground equipment properly

  • Play fairly

  • Be a good sport

  • Include everyone

  • Follow adult directions

  • Follow the game rules

  • Use a pass to go to the office, library, and classroom

  • Eat, then play

  • Always use trash cans

  • Primary grades: Freeze then walk to class


  • Classrooms walk in line

  • Use peaceful hands and peaceful feet

  • Hold the door open for the person behind you

  • Use quiet voices

  • Be considerate of other people's property

  • Use a pass


  • Keep feet on floor

  • Keep water in the sink

  • Wash hands

  • Put towels in the garbage can

  • Knock on stall door

  • Give people privacy

  • Use quiet voices

  • Flush toilet once after use

  • Return to classroom or playground promptly

Arrival and Dismissal Areas

  • Do not arrive before 8:15 am

  • Use sidewalks and crosswalks

  • Wait in designated areas

  • Follow the directions of the Crossing Guard

  • Sit down while waiting for your ride after school

  • Arrive on time for class

  • Walk to line when bell rings

  • Leave promptly after school

Bike Area

  • Use a bike helmet

  • Lock your bike to the bike rack

  • Never ride in parking lots or hallways

  • Use quiet voices

  • Walk your bike on school grounds

  • Enter and exit through the primary playground


  • Wait quietly for the assembly to begin

  • Wait for the dismissal signal from teacher

  • Use audience manners

  • Sit on bottom and face forward

  • Follow directions

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